Cardiac Care/ Heart Failure

Cardiac disease is one of the most frequent diagnoses of patients treated by Family Care Visiting Nurse. With Congestive Heart Failure being the #1 reason for hospital re-admissions, Family Care Visiting Nurse has created a multi-disciplinary team focused on reducing hospital readmissions by restoring patients health and improving life-style behaviors.

What are the goals?

  • Improving patient compliance with medication
  • Decrease re-hospitalizations
  • Restore independence with daily activities
  • Promote Healthy eating habits


  • Monitor weight and provide daily log
  • Auscultate heart rate, lung sounds, and check peripheral pulses
  • Monitor Oxygen saturation rates
  • Assess and grade Fluid Status
  • Measure abdominal girth
  • Provide you and your family with education regarding medications, disease process, symptom management, daily weights, diet and exercise