Disabilities/ Developmental Services

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care’s Disability and Developmental Service Program is designed to provide support to children, teens, and adults who face intellectual disabilities, behavioral, physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. Our interdisciplinary team consisting of nurses, therapists, coordinators and home health aides work together to provide in home support to meet the specific needs and challenges of everyday living. Our disabilities coordinator will meet with you and the patient to develop a treatment plan and set specific goals.


Skilled nursing: provides disease state teaching, medication administration and teaching, and medication pours

Rehabilitation: physical, occupational and speech therapists

Home Health Aides: provide in-home personal care assistance

Disabilities Coordinator: Trained professionals that provide in-home assessments, ongoing monitoring, and coordination of services with internal and external agencies. In addition the Disabilities coordinator is available upon request to attend all IP, PPT, quarterly and annual meeting s. The Disabilities Coordinator serves as a liaison and his/her main role is to maintain constant communication with patients and families to ensure continuity of care.