Mental Health

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Health Care (FCVN) employs nurses with advanced psychiatric training. The nurses conduct home visits for assessment, evaluation and development of a treatment plan with interventions that incorporate not only your psychiatric diagnosis but also address any medical/surgical needs. The nurse collaborates with a multidisciplinary team that includes specially trained home health aides, relevant rehabilitation therapies, family, physician and community resources with the goal of restoring independence and higher levels of function at home. Our Mental Health program serves, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Using the following services we are able to prevent in-patient hospital stays and improve medication /treatment compliance:

  • Post-hospital transition support
  • Providing crisis intervention
  • Assessment of individual’s mental status
  • Assisting with hygiene issues
  • Assessment of individual’s level of functioning in a community setting
  • Evaluation of chemical dependency
  • Management of medication therapy and pre-pours
  • Family Education
  • Liaison with the community treatment team
  • Administration of IM long acting psychotropic medications