Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC

Professional Home Care Services

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency is dedicated to providing quality care and compassionate support to its patients. Their services pledge is based on utilizing all resources available to provide the services patients expect and deserve while respecting, understanding, and satisfying their needs. They hold the patient's best interest in the highest regard throughout the process and provide regular progress reports to ensure their satisfaction. The agency delivers quality care and compassionate support when and where the patient wants it, whether in the privacy of their own home or transitioning from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility.

Skilled Nursing

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency's nurses are committed to providing the highest quality patient care in a compassionate and personalized manner. They are skilled and experienced in many specialty areas, including Medical, Surgical, Psychiatric, Pediatric, Maternal/Child, Asthma, HIV, and Disabilities. Following an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, the nurses are constantly trained in all aspects of nursing, ensuring consistent positive outcomes. They attend continuous educational seminars ensuring that they are up to date in the current clinical nursing skills and techniques.

Additionally, the agency is committed to providing quality care to multicultural and monolingual patients by staffing highly qualified bilingual nurses.

They also strive hard to maintain patient rights and dignity, ensuring patients become as independent as possible.

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC
Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC

Physical Therapy

Providing the highest quality therapeutic services to individuals in the comfort of their homes is the main mission of this agency. This includes providing rehabilitation services to assist individuals in reaching their maximum level of function and independence. To ensure that the agency recruits highly skilled clinicians knowledgeable in several areas, including medical, surgical, psychiatric, and developmental disabilities, in patients of all ages. Their therapists maintain a high level of clinical competence and contribute to achieving patient outcomes safely and efficiently.

Occupational Therapy and Home Aides

It is important to enable patients to regain their independence, and licensed occupational therapists assist them with that. The occupational therapists and home health aides provide services pertaining to this. This includes taking care of daily activities such as dressing, bathing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, feeding themselves, meal preparation, and many more.

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC
Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy may be needed for patients who are recovering after a stroke, and the licensed speech therapists at Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency provide a comprehensive restorative program. This focuses on speech, language, swallowing, and cognition, also assisting in improving skills such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, and memory. Additionally, the therapists are also trained in working with those on the autism spectrum.

Medical Social Workers

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency's medical social workers can assist in resolving emotional and financial issues. They can also assist in evaluating eligibility for community services.

Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation Program

One of the main programs at the agency is the Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation Program, which is designed to meet the individual needs of patients who are about to undergo orthopedic surgery, such as hip, knee, or shoulder replacements. A therapist will perform a home visit to review home safety, assess current functioning, review the need for assistive devices, address any questions regarding post-operative therapy, and many more.

Once the patient is back home after the surgery, the post-operative care, which has already been informed to the patient, will be started by the therapists. These therapists ensure comprehensive care by working closely with the patient’s doctor, nurse, home health aide, and family members.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the patient returns to a fulfilling life.

Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency LLC